Standard Features 400 Series

7' Nose
7' Tall
6' Wide
Low profile roof with aerodynamic nose
Smooth sides with tubular construction
Rear drop ramp with curtains & windows
Two torsion ride axels (with brakes)
Straight load horse stalls
Padded chest bar with butt bars
Padded stalls
Full divider with swing head divider
2 Head ties per stall
Floor mats in horse areas & ramps
2 Dome lights
Roof vents per stall
Fully enclosed with sliding windows
Full escape doors with sliding windows (bumper)
Side ramp with curtains & window plus door (g/n)
Fully metal lined & insulated
No inside fender wells
Running lights, tail lights and tag lights
Steel tear drop fenders
2" Bulldog coupler with top wind jack (bumper)
2 5/16" Adjustable gooseneck coupler
10,000 lbs. Drop leg jack (g/n)
14 Gauge over head wiring in conduit
Pressure treated wood floors
Spare tire with rack
Grey modular wheels
Deluxe trim package
Custom Graphic tape
Electrostatically Primed & Painted





Standard Features 500 Series

6' Wide
6'6" Tall
48" High Sidewalls
2" X  2" Angle Iron construction
Rear Gate Full Swing 1/2 slider
Tandem Eye to Eye spring axels with 1 brake
Center Divider Gate
Full Escape Door
No inside Fender Wells
Running lights and tag lights
Steel tear drop fenders
10,000 lb. drop leg jack (gooseneck)


2 5/16" adjustable gooseneck coupler
2" Bulldog coupler w/top wind jack (bumper)
14 gauge overhead wiring
Pressure treated wood floor
Round or semi-round nose (bumper)
Semi-round nose (gooseneck)
Modular Wheels
Gravel Guard on front (bumper)
Standard trim package
Epoxy Primer
Electrostatically painted acrylic paint





Flatbed 200 Series

    Standard features                                                                            Optional Items

8' Wide
10" Channel construction
Square stake pockets
Tandem 7000 lbs. slipper spring axels
4 Wheel electric brakes
Running lights and tag lights
10,000 lbs. drop leg jack (G/N)
2 5/16" Adjustable gooseneck coupler
14 Gauge wiring
Pressure treated wood floor
Modular 8-hole wheels
16" tires
DOT reflective tape
Epoxy primer
Electrostatically painted acrylic paint
Tandem axel dual wheels (10,000 lbs. each)
Metal Floor
Straight ramps
4 foot dove tail with ramps
8 foot full deck
Vacuum over hydraulic brakes
Enclosed front storage with locking door and mesh floor
Heavy duty pintle hitch trailers also available





All Specifications subject to change.

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