Skid Loader

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14' Model 9,990 GVWR or 18' Model 12,000 GVWR

smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Increased floor space (81 inches), Sealed-beam taillights, redesigned flip ramps.  Also 6000 pound drop axles, heavy duty jack, and 16" cross member spacing.



Frame Standard

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7,000 GVWR, 4" channel tongue, 15" radial tires.

Models Available: 16TFSWS  18TFSWS  18TFSWB  18TFSSB   18TFRSB



Frame Medium

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9,990 GVWR, 15" radial tires, 8 bolt hubs, 5" channel frame and tongue.

Models Available: 18TFMWS  18TFMWB   18TFMSB   20TFMWS  20TFMWB



Frame Heavy

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12,000 GVWR, 16" radial tires, 8 bolt hubs, heavy duty jack, 6" channel frame and tongue.

Models Available: 20TFHWS  20TFHSB  20TFHWB 



Deck Over

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14,000 to 18,000 GVWR, available in tag-along or gooseneck.  Features E-Z crank beavertail, tandem , or triple axles, 16" radial tires, 8 bolt hubs.

Models Available: 20GDOWS  25TDOWC  25GDOWM  25TTAWC  25GTAWC



Tandem Dual

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25,900 GVWR, available in tag along or gooseneck.  Features 2 speed double dropleg landing gear, lengths of 25, 29, and 33 feet, oil bath bearings, 16" radial tires, Budd wheels, and fold-over ramps.

Models Available: 25TTDWC  29TTDWC  33TTDWC  25GTDWC   29GTDWC  33GTDWC



Features That Make the Difference

Electric Brakes on all axles
Fully primed and painted with acrylic enamel and hardener
Wiring loom protected in conduit
Leaf spring suspension
Solid gusset on enclosed fenders
Heavy duty ramps
Frame cross members designed for increased strength
All trailers meet federal D.O.T. specifications
Safety brake away kit with battery
Frames are mig welded in fixtures
Premium radial tires
Rugged structural frame
3 year limited warranty
Heavy duty safety chains
Comprehensive owners manual
Wood floors (2" pressure treated)



All Specifications subject to change.

For Quotes or Questions contact Roger or Dave at (309)449-3309


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