Today, horses are treated like a member of the family.  You want them to have the best and travel with all the comforts of home -  and so do you.  Our custom trailers fit all your needs.   When we build our trailers, we combine the best craftsmanship, quality, and comfort.  Our innovative and standard features are second to none.  We are the only trailer manufacturer to use (the heaviest) gauge aluminum in our design.  We also offer solid billet Alcoa Aluminum wheels and 10 ply Michelin tires as standard features.  We are dedicated to building the best custom-built trailer on the market and our design proves it.  

Here at Bloomer Trailer Mfg., we enjoy building a product that stands alone in the aluminum trailer market.  To build a trailer in a very competitive market and have the public immediately recognize it as a leader doesn't come by accident.  We spent months in the design stages before we ever ordered a  die or placed an aluminum order.  Our ideas and information comes from listening to the people in this industry who know what they want and expect from a quality built trailer.  Here at Bloomer, we build every trailer - large or small - to withstand the rigors of daily use.  

Like other manufacturers, Bloomer could build trailers with limited options that appeal to only some of the market.  Instead, we let the customer decide what fits their needs best.  We chose the customer method because we feel it promotes strong relationships between the customer and our dealers.  Today's discriminating buyers want choice and here at Bloomer Trailer Mfg., that's exactly what we give them.  We expect the public to like our trailers, after all, we let them design it.  

There's no other trailer quite like a BLOOMER


If you are looking for the classiest best made trailer on the market today, you are looking for a BLOOMER.   We are dedicated to building the best custom - built trailer on the market - and our design proves it.  We choose the best so that you can have the best.  Give us a call to learn more about our full line of custom-built trailers.

Standard Features -
- Tongue/Groove aluminum floors (no sagging)
- 12" tapered nose for aerodynamics and air flow
- No sharp corners or protrusions
Optional Features -
- Enclosed Front End, stainless trim and more